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It's time some one made life a bit harder for scamers, we intend to do so. People who want to rip you off
get smarter and smarter, and it's sometimes hard to spot the scamers. People get riped off all the time, most
people who do, wont tell anybody, or will only tell close friends. We want people to report knows scams, and
web stores that might be a scam.

Every one reporting a scam can be anonymous, but we will need an email address for on going correspondence
during the investigation of the web store.

We will only list/investigate web stores, we won't have time to go after all the e-mail scams floating around.

We will list web stores under investigation with a WARNING! tag. This means that we don't have any proof
that the store is a scam, but we have evidence that points in that direction.

If you are associated with a web store listed here, and you think it's unfair/wrong feel free to contact us.

Stores confirmed as a SCAM, will be listed with a CONFIRMED! tag.

We have a couple of suspected scams that we are looking in to at the moment. We will list our first ongoing
investigation here soon. It's a web store that sells electronics, the company is located in China. This
is not new in any way, but what is, is that this one is aimed to the Swedish market.

Confirmed SCAMS, and ongoing SCAM investigations

WARNING! Priskungen.com is under investigation! Updated: 2010-08-09

We got allerted about this site a while back, users on different web forums have had some issues with them.

NOTE: This is an ongoing investigation. Read our investigation, and test order proress report before ordering from them.

Priskungen.com mainly sell electronics made in China. The web shop is aimed at the Swedish market, the main
language, and prices are in Swedish. The webpage looks ok, earlier forum posts stated that there was a lot of
spelling errors on the webpage, but most of them have been cleaned up today.

The investigation! Updated: 2010-08-09
Test order progress repport Updated: 2010-08-11

CONFIRMED! cect.se is a confirmed SCAM web store Added: 2010-08-05

We stumbled on to this information investigating priskungen.com. Forum posts stating ordered, and payed for
items not arriving, items not what cect.se stated they would be, refusal to refund, and so on. There is also a couple of posts
saying that cect.se is the same company as www.steelway.se, and that company doesn't excist anymore. Theres also
this hit, it's a Swedish webpage mobil.se with an article warning there readers about cect.se

Our advice is, Stay away from cect.se, do NOT! order anything from them!