Point a finger at SCAMERS

WARNING! Priskungen.com is under investigation! Updated: 2010-08-11

At this moment we concider it UNSAFE! to order anything from them
If you do order from them, use Payson garanti, and check with Payson.se how that really works.

We decided to test this company out. We knew that it was pointless to order something cheap. If this "guy" was going
to rip us off, it would not be over a small amount. So 10 of us got together and set aside 150 Swedish kronor each. One of
us signed up on the webstore and ordered an aPad "aPad Android WiFi 1495 SEK"

We won't go in to the order process in detail, but we placed the order and was then sent on to Payson.se to pay the order.
In about a minute we got an order confirmation, see below.

Order confirmation e-mail sent out to us

Ordernummer: 123
Detaljerad faktura: http://www.priskungen.com/account_history_info.php?order_id=123
Orderdatum: sondag 25 juli, 2010


1 x aPad Android WiFi () = 1495 SEK
Sub-Total: 1495 SEK
Flat Rate (Best Way): 49 SEK
Total: 1544 SEK




For all of you that are awake, yes 10x150 is 1500, so I had to fork out 44 Kronor of my own hard earned money.
That's just how far I will go, to keep the rest of you safe. And I might end up with an aPad, who knows. :)

And for you Swedes, I know, it should not be sondag, and Betalningssatt. Our webserver doesn't like Swedish
characters, I don't know why, and I don't have time to fix it

Next we sent a couple of e-mails from different adresses to se how fast they would respond to them.

Mail messages sent to them

Message #1 2010-07-25
An e-mail was sent to Priskungen via there webform on there webpage. Asking them if they would send out a confirmation
when they ship the order. As of today (2010-07-27) there has been no answer to this message.
The finnaly answered, but ony after we had pounded them with questions from this e-mail address.

Message #2 2010-07-26
We also sent an e-mail from a different e-mail address, and from a different domain, asking if they had the aPad in stock, that
e-mail to has been left unanswered. We got an answer today 2010-07-27, stating yes they have the aPad in stock, and delivery
time to Sweden should be 8 days.

Message #3 2010-07-27
A message was sent to them, asking them why the order was still in status pending.
To our BIG surprise they answered later that day and told us it would be sent out some time during this week. And reminded
us that delivery time on the aPad is 10 to 20 days. We get completely different delivery times here, 8 days and 10-20 days.
Reply sent back to them asking if they will send a confirmation when they ship the order. There has not been any answer to that question.
Finally we got an answer on our question about the confirmation e-mail, yes will send one with a tracking number.
We finaly got the e-mail with delivery confirmation, and the tracking number 2010-08-05. But we think it's because we
sent them a couple of e-mails, and one with a quite harsh tone.

Message #4 2010-07-27
Another e-mail sent out from a new e-mail address asking about if they had the aPad in stock, and delivery
time. As of now, theres no answer.

Message #5 2010-08-06
Sent them an e-mail asking them to clarify the specs and the pictures of the aPad. The specs on there webpage
indicates that it is a RockChip based device, but the pictures shows an ePad/Flytouch VIA based device. They have
stated that it is the RochChip based device that they sell in earlier e-mail conversations. If that is true then
theres more errors with the specs in there webpage. They say it can take Micro SD cards up to 32GB, that's not true
for the RockChip based device, it can only take Micro SD cards up to 16GB. We got a reply from them 2010-08-09, telling
us that the tablet they sell is 100% RochChip. But they didn't tell us why the picture shows a ePad/Flytouch, and that the
specs state that the tablest suports Micro SD cards up to 32GB.

All the messages sent above was sent in Swedish, the reply's back from them was sent in Swedish. Looks like they are
avoiding the question about sending out any confirmation e-mail when they ship.

There has been a lot of e-mailing back and forth. We can safely say that they don't keep there word. Now there might
be a valid reason for that, and they are sertainly not the first company to behave like this.

Order status from the web store

2010-08-05DeliveredDitt paket har nu blivigt skickat fran oss.
..Sparningsnummer: RF123456789SG
..Du soker pa foljande sida http://www.singpost.com/ra/ra_article_status.asp
..Obs! Det kan ta upp till 48 timmar innan du kan soka.

The package was shipped with Singapore Post. We will check with Singapore Post if the tracking number we got is a valid one.
Message sent to Singapore Post via there webpage, they will respond with in 3 working days.

Well the package turned up on Singapore Posts tracking system today 2010-08-06.
Status DateOriginDestination/TransitStatus
4-8-2010.Registered Mail SectionINFORMATION RECEIVED
6-8-2010Registered Mail SectionStockholmITEM DESPATCHED TO OVERSEAS

We got a reply from Singapore Post today 2010-08-07 confirming the tracking number, but we already knew that.

The item arrived yesterday. It is an iRobot with the RockChip. So the specs on there web where right, but the pictures
shows the wrong type of device.